Complementary product portfolio for the elevator industry

Encoders for position and speed feedback

Encoders to match large shaft diameters and demanding safety requirements or for applications where space is narrow.

  • Portfolio
    • Serie MQR69
      Precise speed feedback by high-performing signal processing

      • Bearingless, magnetic encoders
      • Through-hollow shaft 76 mm
      • Position resolution up to 24 bits per turn
      • Quasi-absolute position thanks to zero pulse information
      • Efficient filtering for noise suppression and improved signal quality 
      • Continuous error compensation by offset, phase and amplitude control
      • Speed resolutions up to 0.004 rpm
      • Digitized speed word via RS485 – precision down to zero speed

      Serie ITD22H00 SIL/GI357
      For safety applications

      • Incremental, optical encoders
      • SIL2/PLd respectively SIL3/PLe where used as redundant system
      • SinCos signals up to 2048 periods/turn
      • Series GI357 with optional SIL2-compliant rectangular signals
      • Through-hollow shaft designs up to 12 mm

      Productfinder ITD22H00

    • ITD 41 A4, ITD61H00
      For large shaft diameters

      • Incremental, optical encoders
      • Rectangular signals up to 10 000 ppr
      • Through-hollow shaft designs up to 50 mm

      Productfinder ITD61H00

      Serie ITD 01 A4, ITD 01 B14
      Where space is a constraint

      • Incremental, optical encoders
      • Rectangular signals with up to 1024 ppr
      • Housing diameter 24 mm/installation depth 20 mm
      • Blind or through hollow shaft

      Productfinder ITD 01 A4

    Special Features
    • Bearingless encoders with high-precision speed output
    • Encoders with high safety integrity up to SIL3/PLd
    • Precise optical encoders in large hollow shaft designs