Saving of wasted liquid in phase separation applications

1.0% accuracy and a fast temperature compensation of less than 15s is why the CombiLyz® conductivity sensor is the most cost-efficient and reliable CIP process control on the market. EHEDG and 3-A certified, in a robust one-piece design with sensing part made of PEEK and housing of stainless steel. The innovative conductivity sensor CombiLyz® clearly stands out from any other product on the market.

To find out your cost savings potential based on the short reaction time of the CombiLyz®, add in your current CIP parameters in the calculator below.

Response time standard sensor: s incl. temperature compensation
Response time Baumer CombiLyz®: s incl. temperature compensation
Flow speed: m/s
Nominal pipe size mm
Flow rate l/min
Fluid loss per cycle l with standard sensor
Saving per cycle l with Baumer CombiLyz®
Number of phase separation cycles per day times
Number of production days per year days
Fluid loss with standard sensor l/day l/year
Saving with Baumer CombiLyz® l/day l/year

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