Tough where it´s rough - precise in performance.

In more than 60 years of steel industry experience, Baumer has been significantly contributing towards reduced down time, increased system availability and improved product quality.

In everything we do, all-encompassing and consistent quality management is at the forefront of our minds. Our broad product portfolio ranges from sophisticated sensor technology for demanding specialized steel making on to price-oriented solutions for standard steel plants.

  • Portfolio
    • Adaptor shaft, support plate and torque arm for HOG 165
      (for hollow shaft encoders)

      • To adapt to large shafts of main drives
      • Extended torque support
      • Recommended for shafts with high axial or radial backlash

      Torque arm supports for small-sized industry encoders
      (for hollow shaft encoders)

      • Torque arm supports for 58 mm size

      Broad range of cables
      (Connection accessories)

      • Up to 500 m cable length
      • Shielded, twisted in pairs
      • Specialized cables for harsh environments
      • Standard cables for all encoders

      Tailored couplings for solid shaft encoders
      (for solid shaft encoders)

      • Metal bellows coupling
      • Spring spacer coupling
      • Double loop coupling
    • Torque arm support plates for HOG 10 | HOG 86
      (for hollow shaft encoders)

      • Torque arm support plates for HeavyDuty encoders
      • Extended torque arm support plates
      • Recommended for shafts with high axial or radial backlash

      Matching spring plates
      (for hollow shaft encoders)

      • Wide selection for standard encoders (e.g. EIL 580)
      • Suitable for any installation requirement

      Fiber-optic outdoor box
      (Connection accessories)

      • Incremental signal transmission up to max. 1500 m
      • Outdoor box protects against adverse ambient conditions
      • Dual fiber-optics for redundant signal transmission
      • No transmission interruption in case one should fail
      • No information loss in transmission where there is high EMC interference