Encoders for overhead cranes

Position and rotation speed feedback for drives at crane bridges

Targeting exactly a defined position and lowering loads with pinpoint accuracy calls for precise encoders to supply the precise position information. Furthermore, they prevent the crane bridge drive from skewing and this way significantly contribute towards smooth and reliable crane operation.

  • Portfolio
    • Series GBMMS

      • Absolute encoder for position feedback and additional incremental signals for rotation speed feedback at crane bridges
      • Multi-turn encoder 18/13 bits with precise optical sensing
      • Precision up to +/- 0,01°
      • Fast position detection
      • Robust ShaftLock bearing concept
      • Hollow shafts up to 14 mm
      • 10 mm solid shaft in series GBMMW

      Series OptoPulse® EIL580/EIL580P

      • Incremental, optical encoder for rotation speed feedback at crane bridges
      • Up to 5000 ppr resp. high-resolving and programmable up to 65 536 ppr
      • Robust ShaftLock bearing concept endures shaft loads up to 80 N radial, 40 N axial
      • Blind hollow shaft or through hollow shaft up to 15 mm

      OptoPulse EIL580

    • Series MAGRES BMMV 58

      • Magnetic robust absolute encoder for position feedback at crane bridges
      • High shock and vibration resistance in hollow shaft version with 11 mm
      • Multiturn encoder 12/18 bits with robust magnetic sensing
      • Shock and vibration proof up to 500 g/30 g
      • SSI, every common fieldbus and Ethernet interface
      • Robust ShaftLock bearing concept
      • Solid shaft design in series BMMH58