Precise position and rotation speed feedback at the steel making process

HeavyDuty encoders withstand shock, vibration, heat and dust.

Our HeavyDuty encoders reliably supply the converter position information and enable a smooth operation at the correct position. Their precise signals support safe operation control and prevent the converter from uncontrolled tilting or mispositioning.

  • Portfolio
    • Series HeavyDuty PMG10

      • Absolute multiturn encoder of unparalleled durability through HeavyDuty design with two-sided bearings
      • Multiturn encoder 20/20 Bit in solid shaft design and EUR-flange B10
      • Robust, extremely precise magnetic singleturn sensing
      • Energy self-sufficient MicroGen multiturn generator of latest generation
      • Two additional incremental signals with zero pulse
      • Silmutaneous shaft loads up to 650 N radial and 450 N axial
      • Hollow shaft designs in series HMG10


    • Series HeavyDuty POG 10

      • Optical, incremental encoder for rotation speed feedback at converter tilting drives
      • Up to 5000 ppr
      • As twin encoder for enhanced system availability
      • Optional with redundant sensing
      • Optional with foot mounting
      • Hollow shaft designs in series HOG 10
      • Easy installation by large terminal box, 180° turnable