Bearingless axle encoder for enhanced traction control at railway vehicles

segunda, 5. setembro 2016
Baumer Bearingless axle encoder BPIK

Bearingless axle encoder for high-resolution wheel center speed and acceleration feedback.

Capacity, passenger comfort and safety are decisive requirements in railway transport. For many years, Baumer has been proving a reliable partner in the railway industry and with multi-faceted sensor technology significantly contributes towards these demanding requirements being met. New high-performing axle encoder BPIK merges long-year railway application expertise with cutting-edge technology trends.  

The bearingless axle encoder with magnet rotor acquires the wheel speed at high resolution and is ideal for any speed-related application at the vehicle bogie. The tough encoder, robust both in terms of design and sensing technology, is particularly designed for the adverse impacts prevailing at the wheel axle and supplies extremely low-jitter signals at up to 1200 ppr. The low-noise signals ensure very accurate and high-dynamic feedback of the wheel speed enabling the sensor to reliably detect any torsion vibration early on. This ensures minimum wear at maximum traction control and capacity even at low speed and under difficult track conditions.

Up to two independent sensing blocks with galvanic insulation, where required each with another pulse number, supply the signals for further wheel speed processing by master control systems. The encoder in its standard variant comes with any customer-specific pulse numbers defined as factory default without the need for any further adjustment at the magnet rotor.  

Like all bearingless encoders by Baumer, BPIK is virtually free from wear and particularly resistant against shocks, vibration and dirt.  In addition to the speed information under aspects of functional safety, the encoder further outputs the data of an integrated temperature sensor.  

Baumer stands out by high industry competence and diversified technology expertise.  The broad product portfolio provides the optimal solution for any task of speed feedback at bogie systems in compliance to all relevant railway standards such as EN50128 and EN50129. Samples of new bearingless axle encoder BPIK will be available as of fall 2016.