OptoPulse® EIL580 encoder family with new attachment forms

segunda, 7. março 2016

The new variants of the OptoPulse® EIL580 with EURO flange B10 and square flange

Baumer has extended the flexible and cost-effective OptoPulse® EIL580 encoder family and has presented additional variants with the attachment forms EURO flange B10 and square flange.

The incremental encoders of the OptoPulse® series are based on an ingenious modular system, which is being permanently extended.

The EURO flange B10 is an important standard worldwide for attaching shaft encoders, and meets the high reliability standards in applications such as rolling mills, the paper and wood processing industries as well as in cranes. On the other hand, the square flange, which is designed in inch dimensions, is mainly used in US plant and machinery.

The new variants with the EURO flange B10 and the square flange are also based on the optical sensing principle developed for use in precision encoders with finely graduated line counts from 100 to 5,000, guaranteeing accuracy and signal quality over the entire temperature range from -40° C to +85° C. In the programmable version, any line count from 1 to 65762 is even possible. The permissible shaft load is 40 N in an axial and 80 N in a radial direction, and the wide variety of output stages offers the perfect interface for all controllers. 

OptoPulse® EIL580 encoders are characterized by robust design and extreme durability. The resulting reliability prevents failures and cost-intensive machine stoppages. The range is rounded off by matching, high-quality accessories – from installation accessories to different measuring wheels.