Novo Software simplificado para programação

sexta, 19. agosto 2016

OptoPulse® EIL 580 with Euro flange B10 is another installation option in solid shaft design.

Further to extended options in the mechanical design, Baumer now presents a new software version for the programmable product variants of the OptoPulse® EIL580  family. Particularly drive manufacturers benefit from additional programming features. 

The incremental encoders of the OptoPulse® EIL580P are based on a sophisticated building block system which is continuously expanded. The extended protocol function ensures improved product traceability. Encoder configuration data together with the serial number of every encoder programmed are stored in the software. Specific product-related  information such as type name or motor serial number can be allocated to the data set. The stored data enable readout, exportation or ERP processing via interface.

Furthermore, the software provides a specific user interface with buttons for instant programming that are intended for frequently repeating parameters. Just a click on the button is sufficient to upload the stored profile in the encoder without need for any other interaction. A new convenient feature for subsequent, automated label printing adds another plus on simplified serial programming. 

The mechanical design building block now offers two more variants. Euro flange B10 is another mounting option in solid shaft design. Models with through-hollow shaft from 9.52 mm (3/8“) to 14 mm are also available with B-side clamping ring to enable installation where A-side mount would fail due to limited space.