Precise speed for maximum transportation comfort

quarta, 14. outubro 2015

Uncompromisingly compact and durable: bearingless encoders for elevator construction

In many respects the requirements in the elevator industry are extremely high: maximum transportation comfort, minimal costs and zero defect tolerance during operation in the harshest environments. Maximum transportation comfort is based on high control quality, which can only be achieved by way of very precise signals from the elevator motor feedback encoder. The ITD89H00 incremental encoder by Baumer, with non-wearing, bearingless technology and magnetic scanning, delivers the longest possible service life and is perfect for space-saving integration in elevator motors due to its extremely compact design.

The highest demands for elevator comfort and, in particular, smooth acceleration and deceleration, require high resolution encoders capable of high signal quality over their lifetime. This, combined with the synchronous and torque motors used in the elevator design and low speeds, places extremely high demands on the sensor technology. For instance, ring magnet radial and axial run-out or pitch errors, sensor interpolation errors, or suboptimal signal calibration during sensor production have a direct impact on the speed control and thus on the transportation comfort. Moreover, in adverse situations, reverberations may occur, leading to vibrations in the cabin or undesirable noise generation.

Robust, compact and reliable for space-saving integration in elevator motors
Baumer, the sensor specialist, is expanding its encoder product range for use in elevators with the ITD89H000, an encoder for through hollow shafts up to 180 mm in diameter. This bearingless encoder with magnetic scanning delivers an accuracy of ±0.1°, up to 8,192 pulses (HTL or TTL) per revolution and alternatively incremental sinusoidal signals with 256 periods per revolution, each with an additional zero pulse. With its uncompromisingly compact design and large hollow shaft diameter of up to 180 mm, the encoder is perfect for integration in elevator motors. Like all bearingless encoders from Baumer, the magnetic encoder is practically non-wearing and is especially resistant to shocks and vibrations. Dust, dirt and moisture do not affect its extremely high reliability and practically limitless service life.

Competitive edge through quality and expertise
Bauer designs and produces its bearingless magnetic technology at three locations. With its own production facilities and experts specializing in this technology, Baumer has been delivering innovative solutions with added value for many years. Baumer works closely with customers to develop optimized design and production concepts that transmit the highest level of precision that can be achieved from magnetic sensors with the greatest tolerances possible within an application. Compared to other measuring methods, the magnetic measuring principle tolerates a wide air gap between the sensor and scale, which can be adapted to the particular application.
By providing the highest standards in quality and logistics across the entire supply chain as well as design and production expertise, such as the selection of pole width adapted perfectly to the application, we offer our customers the most reliable encoders with the best reserve capacity during operation (temperature changes, tolerances, etc.). Thanks to this reserve capacity, these encoders are able to meet the strict requirements for signal quality over their entire service life and operate even under the harshest conditions

Economical and highly efficient
The use of state-of-the-art production technologies, continuous investment in automation of our production processes and the consistent use of added-value analyses guarantee high efficiency and improvement in our production facilities. We are developing cost-effective, efficient designs by using components that are common across our products and production sites and by reducing the number of components thanks to seamlessly integrated construction. The Baumer Group is also able to take advantage of other effects of synergy by grouping purchases. This means that our customers are getting reliable products of the highest quality at competitive prices.

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