PosCon light section sensors

The smart profile sensors with preconfigured measuring functions

Unlike common profile sensors, PosCon light section sensors offer complex functions like edge or height measurement, preconfigured in an easy-to-operate, compact sensor. Thanks to their intelligent evaluation, their standardized operating concept and robust housing, PosCon light section sensors are the ideal solution for measuring and inspection tasks.

Your benefits:

  • Fast commissioning without reflector
  • Easy parameterization without external software
  • High precision and ambient light immunity
  • Portfolio
    • PosCon 3D
      Distance-independent measurement of object edge positions without reflector

      • Measuring of edge positions, object width, gap dimensions and object center positions 
      • Measuring range up to 250mm
      • Resolution up to 30 μm

      PosCon CM
      Vermessen runder Objekte ohne Reflektor

      • Messung von Mittelpunkt, Durchmesser und Aussenpositionen
      • Durchmesser von 30… 130mm
      • Auflösung bis zu 30 μm
    • PosCon HM
      Clever height measurement for efficient quality control processes

      • Measuring of minimum, maximum and average height, delta height value and standard deviation 
      • Measuring range up to 150 mm
      • Resolution up to 2µm