The SDK Baumer GAPI

„Intelligent software integration“

The free high-performance Software Development Kit (SDK) Baumer GAPI allows for platform-independent integration by generic Application Programming Interface (API). This way, Baumer GigE, Dual GigE or USB 3.0 cameras are quickly and easily integrated in both application and software environment.

The SDK Baumer GAPI includes:

  • Windows®, Linux® and ARM®-based platform support
  • Full GigE Vision® and USB3 Vision™ interface compatibility
  • Flexible use of programming languages (C++ and C#)
  • Most simplified configuration of all camera parameters and functionalities thanks to integrated intuitive Camera Explorer 
  • Consistent GenICam™ compatibility and GenTL support for easy camera integration and quick exchange across different series 
  • Varied testing and visualization options
  • Various example programs and camera setup tools for easy camera implementation 
  • Free license and technical support in soft and hardware- related image transmission 

When integrating SX and HX models with Camera Link® in Windows® please use SDK Baumer GAPI v1.7.1. 

New LX Camera Link® cameras can be conveniently integrated for example by using Baumer Camera Link® SDK

Thanks to consistent compliance with all standards, you are free to run our industrial cameras with compatible third party software.

Windows® x86/x64


Linux® ARM®


Linux® x86/x64