HOG 86 – The incremental HeavyDuty benchmark

For high demands

With the HOG86 series Baumer Hübner presents a program for very high demands based on more than 60 year experiences as market leader in Heavy Duty. Our HOG86 encoder platform provides the perfect match for you application. Ample mechanical reserve capacity ensures absolute reliability in continuous operation.

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Zuverlässige Abtastung für präzise Signale mit leistungsstarken Ausgangstreibern

Zweiseitiger, großzügig dimensionierter Lageraufbau mit optimalem Lagerabstand

Isolierte Welle gegen Lager-Beschädigungen durch Wellenströme

Hohlwelle aus Edelstahl mit Schlüsselflächen zur einfachen Montage

Ausfallsicher in jeder Umgebung - HeavyDuty-Gehäuse mit langzeitstabilem Dichtsystem

Vielseitige Montagemöglichkeiten für Drehmomentstützen

Einfache Anbindung über großen, 180° drehbaren Klemmenkasten

  • Portfolio
    • HOG 86

      • Connection via terminal boxes, radial flange socket or cable outlet
      • Powerful output drivers
      • EMS optionally available

      HOG 86 M

      • Redundant sensing and signal transmission
      • Powerful output drivers
      • EMS redundant optionally available
    • HOG 86E

      • Connection via terminal box or radial flange socket
      • Anti-corrosion bare aluminium housing
      • Standard products available within 48 hours ex. works


      HOG 86 + FSL

      • Integrated mechanical speed switch
      • Switching speed pre-selectable as default
      • Tried and tested, energy self-sufficient technology
    • Extremely robust
      • Particularly thick-walled housing for reliable protection against shocks and mechanical impact
      • Bearing design with ample load capacity for ultimate longevity
      • Seawater resistance in compliance with category C4 and in line with DIN ISO
      • Specialized housing and shaft seals ensure long-term compliance to IP 66 rating
      • Specialized housing design to prevent penetration of dust and humidity during installation
      • Insulated bearings reliably protect the encoder electronics against inductive shaft currents
      • Operating temperature 4 -40...+100 °C
      • Explosion protection II 3 G Ex nA T4 Gc (gas), II 3 D Ex tc IIIC T135°C Dc (dust)
      Safe and precise
      • Interference-immune optical sensing technology with OptoASIC
      • Consistently high signal quality and precise measuring results
      • High-performance, resilient output drivers ensure top signal quality
      • Cable lengths up to 550 m (TTL) and up to 350 m (HTL-P)

      HOG 86 M: encoder with redundant signals

      • First-choice product in safety-relevant applications
      • Two sensing systems that are galvanically insulated from each other.
      • Multiple signal evaluation with twice the availability

      Optional function monitoring system EMS (Enhanced Monitoring System)

      • EMS will signal connection errors right away at installation and hence speed up commissioning
      • Monitors the vital encoder functionalities
      • Error output reports the encoder activity status
      • HOG 86 M with optional redundant EMS functionality

      Green continuous light indicates correct connection and faultless functioning of the encoder. Light rotation of the shaft verifies trouble-free operation.


      Red flashing light indicates errors during the formation of a position and red continuous light appears in case of output driver overload . If the LED remains dark, either the supply voltage has failed or the encoder is connected incorrectly.

      Optimally installed

      • Choose „radial terminal box, flange connector or cable outlet
      • Various options for torque support attachment
      • Hollow shaft with wrench flats

    • Wind turbines

      Steel mills

      Gantry cranes

      Large drives and generators