"Common characteristics: quality, competence and innovation"

Besides "Baumer", the following brands stand for competence, innovative spirit and quality products:


1+1=1 - HeavyDuty combinations

1+1=1 stands for HeavyDuty combinations which integrate HeavyDuty encoders, tachogenerators and speed switches in one robust unit. This enables integration of further signals in the control in...



Innovative, high-performance CMOS Opto-ASIC for fast, temperature-stable sensors with high ambient light immunity.


AlphaProx – measuring (linear) inductive sensors

These inductive sensors are characterized by very fast response time, high resolution and outstanding repeat accuracy.



For more than 160 years, the name Bourdon has established at international level as a synonym for mechanical pressure measurement. In the year 2005, the Bourdon Haenni company became a member of the...



BTrace is a unique method in order fulfillment within the Baumer Production System. Closely intertwining the methodologies of Lean Management, MUDA and KAIZEN, BTrace creates added...


CleverLevel – the universal level switch

Versatile level switch CleverLevel LBFS/LFFS by Baumer is a clever alternative to vibrating forks. Based on the new frequency sweep technology, our level switches are suitable for...


Color FEX – see the right colors even faster

Color FEX is an intelligent 3D assistant for quick and intuitive color setup to identify and differentiate the three color dimensions from one another. VeriSens vision sensors with...



Products and technologies from former Swedish sensor manufacturer DENEX Systems Technology have been a part of Baumer since the end of 2011. This has enabled Baumer to expand its leadership position...


DuroProx – all-metal inductive sensors

Proximity switch in a very robust housing, which is unaffected by either pressure or extreme temperatures. Can be used in the most demanding environments.

  • Highest protection class...


EURO-Flansch B10

EURO flange B10

Euro flange B10 is the global standard for clamping flanges used in HeavyDuty shaft encoders.



Ferraris acceleration sensors

Ferraris eddy current acceleration sensors often provide decisive signals for drive control in demanding applications. They improve drive dynamics, interference immunity and synchronization...



FEX – Patented image processor

The patented Baumer FEX image processor in the VeriSens vision sensors calculates contours in a grayscale image in real time. This makes reliable object recognition possible, even under...



FEXLoc – 360° powerful part location

The FEXLoc part location in the VeriSens vision sensors enables reliable 360° part recognition during inspection, because the test objects are aligned virtually. This means that...


GammaProx – inductive sensors with especially large sensing distances

The sensors detect both steel and other metals such as copper. They can be used for the detection and counting of metal objects, in coil and transformer production or in the handling and robotics...



HDmag - bearingless encoders with high resolution

HDmag encoders without bearings are based on high-resolution magnetic precision scale sensing combined with digital real-time signal processing. HDmag encoders offer
- incremental...


Hübner Berlin

Hübner Berlin - the Baumer HeavyDuty competence center

The company Hübner Berlin, now Baumer Hübner, is the competence center of the Baumer Group for HeavyDuty sensors in drive technology. Hübner Berlin sets standards worldwide for reliable encoders,...


LOGIPAL - color detection sensors

LOGIPAL designates color sensors in a flat metal housing.



LongLife - HeavyDuty tachogenerators

LongLife technology for HeavyDuty tachogenerators is based on a silver track embedded into the commutator. LongLife tachogenerators...



LowHarmonics - Sine encoders with low harmonic content

LowHarmonics is world-leading technology which produces negligible harmonic content in sinusoidal signals. LowHarmonics sine encoders ensure
- improved control quality,



MAGRES - Absolute encoders with robust magnetic scanning

MAGRES encoders are absolute encoders featuring a patented combination of magnetic single- and multiturn sensing principles. High-resolution and completely non-contact. MAGRES absolute...



MicroGen - Wear-free multiturn generator without gearbox and without battery

The patented micro-generator MicroGen is the centerpiece of a new generation of absolute multiturn encoders. MicroGen generates energy required for electronic processing and...


MY-COM – the world's most accurate limit switch with an accuracy of 1 um

With a repeat accuracy of 1 micrometer, the My-Com is the world's most accurate and compact mechanical limit switch. The standard My-Com range of different mechanical and electric versions can be...



OptoPulse - the new benchmark for incremental encoders

Thanks to their innovative optical sensing, the incremental OptoPulse encoders provide very high accuracy and consistently high signal quality over the entire temperature range. The devices...



proTect+ is a sealing concept that provides maximum reliability, even under demanding conditions. This is ensured by a special design and the selection of high quality materials.
Even after...


qTarget – time savings during installation

The light beam of the sensor is aligned to the fixing holes by design at Baumer. This eliminates individual part tolerances, providing the entire sensor series with a light beam that has consistent...


Baumer qTeach™ – easy to operate, safe and wear-free

qTeachTM identifies a new, convenient and wear-free teach-in procedure. The sensors can be taught-in just by touching them with any ferromagnetic tool. A blue LED light provides clear optical...



Safety - HeavyDuty speed switches

Sensors with the Safety label are recommended for applications with increased safety requirements. For example, mechanical or electrical Safety speed switches often perform a decisive...


SCATEC - laser copy counter

The SCATEC copy counters from Baumer are top of the line when it comes to lap stream copy counting. Using SCATEC also provides unique benefits in detecting individual packages with...


SmartReflect - the light barrier without a reflector

This sensor principle enables object detection without a reflector. That reduces costs tremendously. The SmartReflect light barrier detects every object, regardless of shape, color or surface finish....



VeriSens vision sensors

A VeriSens vision sensor is a compact image processing system in sensor format. An image sensor, illumination connection, optics, hard/ software, Ethernet and digital interfaces are integrated...