Process Instrumentation

Level measurement

Always up to the mark using a wide variety of technologies - whether in liquid, granular or sticky media.


Temperature measurement

Electronic and mechanical temperature measurement devices for process temperatures from -200 to 1,820 °C with diverse certifications.


Pressure measurement

High-quality and robust pressure measurements from the inventor of the Bourdon Tube, large selection of process connections and certifications.


Flow measurement

Combining  two measuring functions in one sensor, the flow and temperature sensors  FlexFlow guarantee  efficient and flexible fluid management.

Conductivity measurement

Temperature adjusted and configurable conductivity measurements for optimum recognition of different fluids or mixed fluids.


Electronically or mechanically – counting and display of qualitative and quantitative production data are performed thousands of times by our proven counters.

Force/strain sensors

We offer the ideal solution for force and strain measurement in machine and plant construction – in static and dynamic applications with high-quality signal processing.

Process Displays

From a simple display to a powerful control unit: here you will always find the right product for evaluating physical quantities such as pressure, temperature, current, voltage or resistance.