"Then we will get a little better every day ..."

In order to guarantee constant quality, uncompromising reliability and especially cost-effectiveness in future as well, we have introduced the "Baumer Operations System".

As a binding guideline, it combines methods of lean management with measures to achieve error-free processes (Six Sigma). And it ensures that we can also meet the high expectations of our customers in future.

For Baumer, operational excellence stands for:

  • qualified staff
  • lean Six Sigma (lean, error-free processes)
  • binding, constant quality
  • short delivery periods and high delivery reliability
  • lean logistics
  • a high degree of flexibility

Swiss Lean Award 2012

KMU Swiss AG awarded Baumer the „Swiss Lean Award 2012”, a national prize for top performance and excellence in the Lean management methodology. The “lean idea” does not only reflect in the Baumer production processes but is being lived at all corporate levels to strengthen the Baumer Group at the forefront of  global competition.