Baumer - Designed for Reliability

Baumer is a unique sensor solution provider for the agriculture, forestry and construction machinery market. We offer both standard products ready for integration and custom designed products optimized for reliability and harsh environments. Baumer products have been successfully used in the field for more than 10 years.

Sensor technology portfolio: Our customers have access to a wide range of sensing technologies, such as inductive, ultrasonic, optical, magnetic. We help select the best suited technology for the application, to create customer value.

Recognition of industry need: Based on our extensive application know how we analyze requirements and propose suitable solutions. Industry compliant sensor products increase reliability, improve equipment efficiency and reduce total cost.

Customer proximity and partnership: For both off-the-shelf products, and specific solution, Baumer offers customer proximity and consultation at the customer’s location. Our state of the art project-, technology- and quality management capabilities mitigate product development risk and optimize time to market.

  • Areas of Application
    • Innovation for agriculture

      Baumer strives to be leading in sensor technology. This means our customers have access to new trends in sensing technologies. We work together with customers, universities and partners to demonstrate capabilities of and put to use emerging technologies.