"Motor of development"

Drive technology is at the heart of all automation – it is the motor which brings the lifts and robots, punches and presses, cranes, conveyor belts, machines and systems to life. This unstoppable development calls for highly dynamic control loops and precise detection of position data as well as our motor feedback experts' know-how.

Baumer encoders process relevant data in excellent signal quality in various versions, sizes and manifold installation options.

  • Applications
      • Position feedback
      • Speed control
      • RPM measurement
    Portfolio overview
      • Absolute encoders with all common bus interfaces
      • Incremental encoders
      • Encoders with TTL, HTL and sine signals
      • Shaft and hollow shaft encoders
      • Encoders with end shafts
      • Encoders with integral bearings
      • Encoders without bearings
      • Smallest housing
      • Large hollow shafts
      • Optical and magnetic systems