EPC Contractor Business

Original Bourdon® by Baumer is a competent partner in every stage of the project

Mission Statement

We, the Competence Center for EPC projects, bring in our profound know-how and long-year expertise to contribute to the success of our partners and to create added value for our customers by following our principles:

Breadth and depth of products and services
We bid, supply and execute all orders from EPC customers and accounts with engineering approaches for new plant setups, mandatory plant modification, refurbishments and plant expansion.

Quality and precision
We support commercial and technical contracts with special requirements in the form of products, inspections, spare parts, etc.

Focus Industries
We serve industries as Oil and Gas, Energy, Water Treatment, Metal, Mining, Cement, Petrochemical/Chemical Pharmaceutical and Infrastructure.

Standardized and customized measurement solutions
Our objective is to provide consultative approach to all EPC contractors, consultancies and enduser in deciding and selecting right solution.

Technology leadership
We as an organization adopt latest industry standard practices and update our dedicated portfolio constantly to meet customer and industry requirements.

Modern production practices and methods
We are always focusing on modern production practices and lean philosophy across the company and will continue investing to provide world class quality within our BTrace® operation methods.

Global project management close to your business

Safety and reliability are key qualities which can never be compromised in Process Instrumentation. Our proven business model for EPC projects is based on our core competencies of offering customized and innovative solutions, strong knowledge in project management and trusted partnership in focused industry segments.

Meeting your criteria - our innovative EPC wheel:

Our References

Customer satisfaction is the best recommendation for a company

Worldwide, our clients have been trusting in our competence and experience for years. With our values we create a thread that runs from development through production to contact with our customers. At Baumer we are proud of our partnership with our clients. Get your own idea of the diversity of our work and find our complete reference here: