"Eldorado for sensors"

From paper feeding to the manufacture of mailable print products, graphic machinery performs all these tasks today in a complete high-tech system. There is a trend towards increasingly smaller print runs, changing products and formats and simultaneously higher speeds. In many cases, the focus is on sensors because they play a decisive role in ensuring fast control and coordination of individual process steps as well as in printing quality control. Based on more than thirty years of experience in this industry, Baumer sensors reliably meet these requirements around the world.

A special highlight of our developers: SCATEC

The SCATEC laser copy counter family is suitable for counting newspapers and magazines in a lap stream. The SCATEC detection principle is based on an optical edge detection system patented by Baumer, which makes the SCATEC family extremely insensitive to color. With a matte or glossy finish, all print products are scanned reliably.

More information about our SCATEC copy counters can be found here.

  • Applications

    The typical applications or uses of Baumer products are virtually limitless in graphic machinery: Actuator drives enable quick format adjustment, for example; photoelectric or inductive sensors ensure precise positioning during the printing process.

    Portfolio overview

    Modern printing companies are overrun with sensors. Hundreds of different products coordinate and ensure a perfect production process in large-scale plants – twenty-four seven usually. Baumer supplies all the required sensors and offers a special service: identical housing sizes and connections also for diverse sensors make planning a snap for machine builders.