"No one is too small to be great."

The world's leading manufacturers rely on Baumer's expertise. One reason for this surely is the company's wide range of sensors as well as vision and motion products which offer many solutions for every task.

Miniaturization is an important factor, too. It is a part of our customers' daily routine to retrofit sensors here and there even if originally there was no space planned for it. The best choice for this application is our 04 photoelectric sensors which fit even in the groove of a standard profile.

You will find further products featuring "small and fast" designs in our range, like the world's smallest/lightest ultrasonic sensor, which weighs only 4 grams, or the world's fastest ultrasonic sensor with a response time of only 1.3 milliseconds.

  • Portfolio
    • Miniature sensors 

      • For a high degree of automation with low space requirement
      • Just as powerful as a larger model
      • Completely integrated electronics


      Smallest and lightest ultrasonic sensors - series 10

      Series 10 miniature sensors

      • Smallest and lightest ultrasonic sensors at only 4 grams
      • Sensing distance up to 200 mm
      • Configurable via Teach-in


      Miniature distance measuring photoelectric sensors

      • Smallest laser distance sensor
      • Measuring distance up to 120 mm
      • Maximum resolution at 2 μm

      Miniature distance measuring inductive sensors

      • Completely integrated processing electronics
      • Easy installation in tight spaces 
      • Different rectangular (5x5, 8x4.7mm) and cylindrical designs (ø4, ø6.5, M8)
      • Short cylindrical designs with lengths up to 22mm


    • Series 07 

      • The world's smallest adjustable photoelectric sensor
      • All light barrier and diffuse sensor versions in miniature housings

      Inductive miniature sensors

      • Completely integrated processing electronics
      • For applications in cramped spaces
      • Wide variety of designs


      Miniature distance measuring ultrasonic sensors

      • Sensing distance of 20 ... 200 mm
      • Resolution of < 0.3 mm
      • Output signal 0 ... 10 V / 10 V ... 0 V

      Operating principle
      Based on the pulse echo technique, the measured distance value is output as a voltage value.