"A strong industry"

Hardly any industry is as diversified as machine tool building – with a huge number of various materials, processes and molds. As a result individual sensor solutions are required which are not affected by frequently harsh ambient conditions. Its wide range of products enables Baumer to offer a suitable sensor solution even for high production speeds or aggressive cooling and lubricating agents.

Tool machine building is often precision work, too. Drill holes in metal which are a tenth of a millimeter or less in size are very common and are hard work for the employed drill. The Baumer OADM series laser sensor continuously monitors drilling and issues a signal for example when the tiny little drill bits break off.

  • Applications

    Fluid coolants and abrasives are used in the production process non-stop and absorb for example metal particles which are deposited in the fluid tank. If inserted in these tanks, the LBFS level switch can signal when the volume of particles has been reached, so that the liquid can be changed.

    Baumer sensors also support the control of automated loading and removal of individual workpieces during production as well as the automatic replacement of tools in the machines.

    Portfolio overview

    In tool machine building, a number of Baumer encoders are used which perform speed measurement during the production process. Inductive sensors are used primarily in high-speed spindles and for measuring tool positions as well as for quality control.