"Trust is good, control is better"

Imagine putting your valuable material sample in the hands of a machine during the analysis process. Isn't it good to know that it features reliably quality? Our products perform monitoring functions, measuring tasks or recognition processes. From code recognition to a filling level difference of 1 μL.

For example: Precise results. Without tools. Without training.
To meet laboratory requirements, Baumer developed a level switch which can easily be snapped into place. Without any tools or training – just like that!

  • Standards

    Baumer uses chemically resistant materials and can comply with generally applicable machine guidelines and required regulations in virtually any application, including stringent FDA and EHEDG standards.

    Portfolio overview

    For your industry you will find in our portfolio a wide and deep range of different sensors, like ultrasonic sensors which are suitable for openings with a diameter of only 3 mm (09 series). Or level switches (LBFS, LFFS) that can be used in any medium you require …