The packaging process pinpoints the requirements of precise motion feedback and process monitoring: Position acquisition, format alignments or process control with the ever-growing demand to speed things up by minimizing setup times and avoiding production wastage. Baumer solutions improve nearly any packaging and bottling process. In the appropriate configuration, the measuring instruments comply with hygiene standards and also match aseptic packaging applications. Versatile, modular concepts provide the flexibility required to master the big diversity of packaging material, surfaces, shapes and colors. The process is quickly and easily adapted to another product in a reproducible manner, whilst sensors ensure the shortest possible processing times. Whether in primary, secondary or end-of-line packaging - Baumer is always the partner you can rely on.

  • Applications
    • Bottle caps of any shape and color safely detected

      Small, compact and dependable – the Series 10 sensors

      • One housing concept and two sensing technologies for the optimum task-matching solution
      • Ultrasonic or photoelectric sensors with background suppression detect dependably a multitude of bottle caps of any shape and color
      • Easy and quick configuration of the required switching points by trusted teach-in method
      • Several designs with LEDs or laser diodes provide the optimum sensor solution for every application

        Hygienic position feedback at moulding, filling and sealing machines

        Inductive sensor series IFBR with mounting concept in hygienic design

        • Inductive sensors with mounting concept in hygienic design – EHEDG- and FDA-compliant
        • Extended product service life even at regular cleaning cycles and frequent temperature changes thanks to proTect+
        • No restriction to cleaning agents and disinfectants – Ecolabapproved
        • Extremely waterproof (IP 68/IP 69K) and resistant against high-pressure cleaning
        • Advanced potential applications due to extended switching distance and temperature range from -40°C to +100°C (short-term)

          Quick and error-free spindle positioning

          The multicon system for manual, semi or fully automated format alignments

          • Reliable and quick aligning operations supported by position displays that show current and target position
          • Zero alignment errors thanks to user-oriented menu navigation
          • Memory Controller as stand-alone solution without control or PLC
          • Optional gateways ease network communication with a fieldbus-capable control
          • Quick and easy spindle positioning by aid of mobile power tool
          • Individual choice of the automation level deemed to be required

            Motor-driven positioning and alignment

            FlexiDrive actuating and positioning drives

            • Integrated position and speed feedback for less processing work at the control
            • No referencing required thanks to absolute position acquisition
            • Compact design of motor and electronics for minimized space consumption
            • Absolutely reliable and enhanced availability due to robust magnetic position sensing
            • Flexible modular building block system of motor, gearbox and interface
            • Minimized cabling effort by the compact design with integrated power supply, positioning and bus electronics

              Flawless heat sealing seams at a flat

              Force and strain sensors of the DSRT series monitor the closing and sealing force

              • Measuring, controlling and monitoring for improved process reliability and smooth production flow
              • Protection of machinery and tooling mould
              • Minimized temperature drift ensures high reproducibility and flawless product quality
              • Dependable monitoring of the closing force also at part load due to low-noise amplifier
              • The compact design with integrated electronics eases installation and maintenance
              • Web tension monitoring and measuring of foil diameters

                Precise distance measurement on plastic foils by ultrasonic sensors

                • Dependable distance measurement even on highly transparent plastic foils for precise web tension control and roll diameter scanning
                • Utmost flexibility due to wide sensing range from 30 to 2000 mm and ultra-precise repeat accuracy
                • Available in several configurations with different sonic beam characteristics for optimised adaptation to the required foil bending radius
                • Different housings in rectangular, cylindrical or flat designs always offer the optimum installation option

                  All kinds of packaging materials dependably detected – from highly transparent to glossy

                  Ultrasonic retro-reflective sensors

                    • Reliable detection of highly transparent and glossy materials such as foils and vacuum formed sheetings
                    • Convenient configuration of detection range and other parameters via easy teach-in method
                    • No specific reflector required – a fix background is sufficient for dependable reflection

                    Photoelectric retro-reflective sensors

                    • Safe detection of glossy and reflecting packaging independent of quality and color
                    • Integrated polarization filter ensures dependable recognition of ultra-reflective objects
                    • Even small objects are precisely identified by laser sensors featuring a specialized one-lens system

                      Precise control of the conveying speed in the flying laser marking process

                      High-resolution incremental optical encoder BHF HighRes

                      • Ultra-precise speed feedback up to 320'000 ppr
                      • The shallow installation dept also fits confined places
                      • Through-hollow shaft allows for any mounting position required
                      • Top-flexible design
                      • Less product variety thanks to programmable resolutions

                        Reliable angle measurement in harsh environments with aggressive media, shock and vibrations

                        Robust absolute multiturn encoders of the MAGRES hermetic series with hermetically sealed housing

                        • Suitable for high-pressure cleaning even with hot liquids, protection classes IP 68 and IP 69K
                        • Unrivaled robustness, reliability and longevity due to the patented magnetic sensing principle and the hermetically sealed housing
                        • Proven tightness also at frequent temperature changes
                        • Corrosion-proof by stainless steel housing
                        • Immune against shock, vibrations, contamination and bedewing
                        • Reliable operation even at very low temperatures down to -40 °C