"Hand in hand for increasing efficiency"

As in many other industries, the center of focus in textile machinery is now on ecology. Sustainability or "Blue Competence" are catchwords which drive innovation at Baumer too and lead to better, more precise and more energy efficient sensors.

Baumer sensors and encoders ensure reliable and intelligent scanning of a wide range of necessary measuring values. Frequently that is exactly the initial basis for the technical and ecological progress required.

Important: For textile machinery Baumer also offers its worldwide after-sales service and guarantees simple installation of the employed sensors.

The list of possible applications of Baumer products in textile machines is pretty long. Some examples:


    • Speed detection at shafts and spindles: incremental encoders, hall and inductive sensors
    • Calculation of speed ratio, thread length measurement during rewinding or cloth length measurement at knitting machines: Encoders, magnetic sensors
    • Level control or monitoring of liquids with level switches or ultrasonic sensors
    • Yarn bobbin diameter control: photoelectric distance sensors
    • Yarn tension monitoring: with force sensors or inductive distance sensors
    • Yarn rupture control: photoelectric sensors
    • Cloth width control and positioning, width control of strings and ribbons: ParCon line sensors