Encoders for position and speed feedback

Precise speed feedback for maximum travel convenience

Only high-precision signals in motor feedback output by the encoder allow for the excellent control quality which is mandatory for maximum travel convenience. Consistent supervision of process capability using cpk indices, periodic (SPC) and statistical (PPC) process evaluation as well as 100 % automated inspections ensure the excellent signal quality and failsafe performance of Baumer encoders.

  • Portfolio
    • 58 mm design motor feedback

      • Absolute optical encoders
      • SSI or BiSS C interface
      • Absolute information in rotor position feedback
      • Additonal SinCos signals with 2048 periods/turn
      • Optionally with up to 21-bit resolution for all-digital speed acquisition
      • Robust ShaftLock bearing design


      OptoPulse® EIL580

      • Incremental, optical encoders
      • Up to 5000 ppr resp. high-resolution with user-specific configuration (resolution, output circuit and zero pulse width) up to 65 536 ppr
      • Robust ShaftLock bearing design
      • Blind or through hollow shaft up to 15 mm


    • ITD89H00

      • Incremental, magnetic encoders
      • Rectangular signals up to 8192 ppr and additional zero pulse
      • Alternatively with SinCos signals with 256 periods/turn
      • ± 0,1° accuracy
      • Compact, space-saving installation
      • Through-hollow shafts up to 150 mm (optionally up to 180 mm)




      OptoPulse® EIL680

      • Incremental, optical encoders
      • Rectangular signals up to 8192 ppr
      • Tangential cable outlet
      • Shaft mount with self-locking center screw
      • Easy rear installation
      • Blind hollow shaft 12 mm
    Special Features
    • Our quality excellence:
      • Quality preplanning by product, process FMEAs and supply chain qualification
      • Quality plan with First Pass Yield (FPY) evaluation, internal and external audits
      • ISO9001, ISO14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 factory certifications
      • Manufacturing with implemented Lean Six Sigma methodology
      • ppm-measurements for continuous quality control in the field