Sensors in hygienic and washdown design

Smart sensor solutions for the food-handling area and splash zone

With its wide range of reliable stainless steel sensors in a robust washdown or hygienic design, Baumer offers a unique product portfolio for the food and beverage industry. The sensors meet the highest standards concerning detection reliability, durability, leak tightness and reliability, even in demanding environments. The sensors as well as the extensive accessories are compliant with the required standards and regulations, e.g. Ecolab, FDA and EHEDG.

  • Innovative flow, pressure, temperature, level and conductivity measurements in industrial process engineering 
  • Precise measuring tasks down to the micrometer range
  • Efficient position detection of objects with different sensor principles (photoelectric, ultrasonic, inductive, capacitive)
  • Image-based identification and object recognition with smart vision sensors and cameras
  • Reliable encoders for motion control tasks
  • Applications
    Guidelines and standards

    Production processes in the food industry are subject to many guidelines and standards for a very good reason: consumer health must not be jeopardized. For Baumer these requirements are virtually law. All sensor products for food and beverage production were developed in accordance with established guidelines. With regard to hygienic design, this means all products feature smooth, continuous or sealed surfaces, corrosion-resistant materials as well as flush and hygienic connections. This minimizes the risk of infection, contagion or injury which can emanate from foods. Just to make sure.