Glitch-free brewery process despite foam and sticky media

With Baumer's CleverLevel, the clever alternative to the vibrating fork, process stoppage is a thing of the past. Do you experience overflow issues in your excess yeast tanks due to the sensor not detecting foam? Or does foam in your CIP caustic tank cause overflow issues or even cause pumps to run dry? Baumer offers you the perfect solution with CleverLevel. Universally usable for all types of media. Installed as high and low limits throughout the complete brewing process from raw barley storage to maturation.

  • Applications
    • Foam overflow protection in the yeast tank

      CleverLevel easily detects any sticky or adhesive foam in excess yeast tanks to avoid overflow during filling.

      Foam overflow protection in caustic CIP tanks

      CleverLevel ignores or detects foam which allows for reliable filling of the caustic CIP tank. The PEEK sensor tip is resistant to all cleaning medias used during CIP and supplied with in a robust stainless steel housing resistant to high pressure cleaning.

    • Dry run protection of your pumps

      CleverLevel can reliably ignore any foam – light, thick, sticky, or non-sticky – and therefore prevent your pumps from running dry.

      Configuration tool FlexProgrammer

      CleverLevel will be delivered pre-programmed but can visually be configured via Baumer’s dedicated software to:

      • ignore or detect foam
      • ignore media sticking to the sensor tip
      • separate two or more medias (phase separation)

      Technical Data

    • Level measurment

      • CleverLevel LFFS

        • Eye-catching housing with enhanced 360 Degree status visibility
        • Industrial and hygienic applications
        • -40…200°C process temperature
        • 3-A, EHEDG, FDA,  Atex, WHG, cULus certifications
        • Differentiation between two very similar medias


        • Fast response time < 10ms
        • Insensitive to foam, bubbles and sticky media
        • Top-, bottom- or side mounting
        • Approval: 3A
      • LBFS Hygienic

        • LED switch indicator
        • Maintenance free
        • Suitable for media separation
        • Adaptable to any industry recognized hygienic process connection
        • Approved to 3A and EHEDG


      Electronic temperature transmitter

      • CombiTemp TFRH

        • Hygienic RTD temperature sensor
        • Optional display: CombiView™ DFON
        • Hygienic process connections
        • 4...20 mA, HART- or Pt100-output
        • Room temperature sensor
      • TE2

        • Compact and light weight
        • -50...+250 °C transmitter
        • 4...20 mA, Pt100 output

      Mechanical thermometer gauges

      • TSS Series

        • Gas filled thermometer
        • ∅ 63...250 mm
        • -200...+800 °C
        • Direct measurement

        TSF Series

        • Gas filled thermometer
        • ∅ 63...250 mm
        • -200...+800 °C
        • Remote measurement

        TBI Series

        • Bi-metall thermometer
        • ∅80...160 mm
        • -20...+250°C
        • Stainless steel, IP67
      • TSSE Series

        • Gas filled thermometer
        • ∅ 100 mm, ∅ 160 mm
        • -200...+800°C
        • Direct measurement with contact

        TSFE Series

        • Gas filled thermometer
        • ∅ 100 mm, ∅ 160 mm
        • -200...+800°C
        • Remote measurement with contact

        TBHI Series

        • Bi-metall thermometer
        • ∅100 mm, ∅130 mm
        • -70...+600°C
        • Heavy industry version, IP68

      Electronic pressure transmitter

      • CombiPress™ PFMH

        • Pressure transmitter / switch
        • Hygienic
        • Flush diaphragm, 3-A and EHEDG certified
        • CombiView DFON display
        • CIP / SIP-able
        • Programmable and 0-adjustment
      • PBMH hygienic

        • Hygienic pressure transmitter
        • Flush membrane with hygienic approval (3-A and EHEDG)
        • Surface roughness of process connection ≤ 0.8 Ra

      Mechanical pressure gauges

      • DP100

        • Works on a mechanical basis with no transfer fluids avoiding pollution in case of a damaged membrane
        • Available with a range of hygienic industry standard connections
        • Suitable for SIP (Sterilization in place)
        • Accuracy class 1.6 according to ENº837-3
      • MEX5 with DANC seal 

        • Original Bourdon tube manometer, nominal size 100 mm
        • 3A approval with Ra < 0.8 μm / Ra < 0.4 μm 
        • Suitable for SIP (Sterilization in place)
        • Accuracy class 1 according to ENº837-3 

        Technical Data DAxx

      Conductivity measurement

      • CombiLyz® AFI4

        • Wetted parts in PEEK
        • Compact, food compatible, hygienic design
        • meets 3A requirements, FDA compliant, EHEDG

      Presence detection

      • Hygienic and washdown design of sensors 

        • EHEDG-certified, FDA-compliant, Ecolab-tested
        • Long-term seal as per IP 69K thanks to the proTect+ impermeability concept
        • Unique mechanical mounting