"No restrictions. No stoppage."

Bottling plants in the beverage industry are genuine high-tech constructions and a welcome field of application for the entire Baumer portfolio. Baumer supports the many consecutive process steps with a wide range of flexible measuring instruments, encoders and sensors to ensure smooth, hygienic and precise food packaging. Because that's what matters.

Baumer sensors feature a flexible and manufacturer- friendly construction which enables easy installation. Thanks to the large number of various designs, they fit in almost every bottling and filling plant. Once they are installed, they detect virtually every type of food or packaging, from glass to PET right up to cardboard. And because food production plants require frequent and intensive cleaning, Baumer sensors are extremely resistant to splash water or strong cleaning agents.

  • Applications
    • Tank level sensing

      LSP sensor for continuous level sensing

      • Ideally suited for sensing into small containers with viscous or sticky fluids like ketchup, honey or fruit juice
      • Appropriate for liquids with a conductivity of 50 μS/cm and more
      • Measuring range easily configurable by teach-in facility
      • Installation on top of the tank, bottom mounting or through the tank wall (with angled measuring rod)
      • Electronics and sensor can be separated from each other when space is limited or for high temperature operation
      • Signal output and supply galvanically separated

        Precise control of carousel rotation in the bottling process

        Absolute encoder GE404 in an absolutely tight stainless steel design

        • Precise carousel positioning ensures accurate filling levels and labelling
        • The stainless steel housing provides high resistance to aggressive media and cleaning agents
        • IP 67 protection against splashing water
        • Optional incremental tracks make additional encoders superfluous
        • Liquid level sensing in storage tanks

          Level sensing with level switch LFFS

          • Optional suppression of foam and adhesion at the sensor tip to ensure true level detection
          • For process temperatures up to +200 °C (with optional sliding connection as cooling zone)
          • Suitable for dry running protection, media separation, minimum/maximum level detection
          • Resistant against CIP and SIP agents
          • Teach-in facility for manual fine-tuning to delicate adhesive substances
          • Bright blue LED on top allows for reading of the switching status on a 360° angle
          • Configurable with FlexProgrammer 9701

            Non-contact level detection through the packaging material

            Detection from outside the container by aid of Series CFAK capacitve sensor

            • Fill level measurement straight through the packaging material – glass, PET, cardboard, etc
            • No direct media contact – no contamination
            • Appropriate for liquids, solids and media in powder form
            • High chemical resistance and IP 67 protection ensure both process safety and availability
            • Cylindrical, cubic and flat sensor designs as well as specific high-temperature configurations always provide the optimum installation solution