"Reliable handling and conveying"

On their route through production, foods cover quite a distance. Baumer encoders and sensors monitor this route on conveyor belts, including position and speed, to ensure that every product ends up exactly where it belongs. They prevent bottlenecks and stoppages and increase efficiency in the entire system.

Exact conveyor belt speed measurement is performed by freely programmable encoders, incremental encoders or bearingless encoders, which all feature a small installation footprint and are resistant to vibrations, splash water and cleaning agents. Baumer also offers suitable sensor solutions for counting and acquisition of bottleneck and/or part location – e.g. during bottle conveyance.

  • Applications
    • Dependable position feedback in harsh environments

      Photoelectric retro-reflective sensor FPDR 14 in stainless steel housing

        • Detects unerringly the presence of most varied objects such as bottles, cans or boxes – no matter whether transparent or metallic
        • Robust stainless steel housing and high protection class IP 68/IP 69K
        • proTect+: proven impermeability even at frequent temperature changes
        • No restriction to cleaning agents and disinfectants – Ecolab-approved
        • Specific reflector for applications under rough ambient conditions

        Stainless steel inductive sensor Series IFRR – absolute impermeability

        • Robust stainless steel design and high protection standard IP 68/IP 69K
        • proTect+: proven impermeability even at frequent temperature changes
        • No restriction to detergent agents and disinfectants – Ecolab-approved
        • The wide temperature range from -40 °C to short-term +100 °C opens up various application fields, from conveying deep-frozen products up to CIP processes
        • Available in configurations for demanding hygienic applications and in a full-metal housing

          Reliable speed monitoring at conveyor belts

          Programmable encoder ITD-2P

          • Less inventory thanks to programmable parameters: Pulse number from 1 to 4096 ppr, TTL/HTL output, direction of rotation, duration and position of zero pulse
          • Top flexibility by modular cable oncept and parameterization in installed condition
          • Wide temperature range from -30 °C to +120 °C

           Wide selection in stainless steel housings – incremental encoder series ITD

          • Accurate measurements by ultra-precise optical or magnetic sensing
          • Capable of intensive cleaning (splashing water) in compliance with protection class IP 67
          • Limited space consumption by the miniature housing of merely 24 mm
          • Ultra-flexible due to varied options in cable and connector output, TTL/HTL or sine output signals
          • Extended product service life by high-quality materials and robust components

           Space-saving encoders without bearing

          • Shallow housing depth for limited installation space
          • Extended life cycle due to non-contact and wearfree signal sensing technique
          • High immunity against shocks as well as vibrations and IP 67 protection ensure maximum process reliability
        • Reliable high-speed count and backflow recognition of PET and glass bottles

          Safe object detection by ultrasonic through-beam sensors

          • Reliable identification of highly transparent objects and bottles of any shape
          • Dependable bottle counting due to high switching frequency and narrow sonic beam
          • Fast response time allows for immediate backflow recognition
          • Varied housing designs provide the ideal solution for every installation condition