"Quality creates trust."

Despite precautionary measures and technology, errors that reduce product quality can also occur during food production. If worst comes to worst, this results in additional costs and a severe loss of customer satisfaction. Baumer sensors minimizes this risk and ensure quality targets. Its wide range features optimum solutions for monitoring not only production but also mailable packaged products.

For example the vision sensors featured in the VeriSens® family are real all-rounders. The sensor can check up to 32 features, like production errors, packaging or the best before date overprint, simultaneously.

Sensors and industrial camera solutions prevent any possible production errors.

  • Applications
    • Inspection of labels, covers and caps on bottles and yogurt cups

      VeriSens vision sensor for efficient quality control

      • Product completion checks (presence of label, caps or covers, "best-before" date)
      • Detection of faulty products (shape, tamper evidence tagging, sealing)
      • Simultaneous verification of up to 32 properties
      • Easy reconfiguration via PLC or web interface
      • High throughput rate of max. 50 captured images per second

        Detection of empty moulds in biscuit production

        GigE cameras in innovative protective housings

        • Sturdy design for demanding industrial environments like in the food and beverage industry
        • EHEDG-compliant design
        • IP67 protection of camera and lens by a water- and dustproof housing easy to clean
        • Different tube lengths for flexible adaptation to any application requirements

          Unerring identification of product inclusions in the heat sealing seam

          AlphaProx – Ultra-precise inductive distance sensors

          • Reliable detection of any product inclusions in the heat sealing seam, for example in flat film bag packaging of spaghetti
          • The extremely short reponse time of mere < 2 ms enables fast detection at high processing speed
          • Both linear output signal and high temperature stability ensure top measuring accuracy
          • Convenient configuration of the switching threshold by teach-in for immediate good/bad identification
          • Available in cylindric and rectangular designs sized 4 to 30 mm
          • "Best-before" date verification

            VeriSens vision sensor in stainless steel housing

            • Eliminated risk of incorrect ”best-before” dates
            • Easy date verification upon presence, correctness and readability
            • No time-consuming training of new fonts
            • The integrated code reader for product indentification is capable of reading all common 1D and 2D codes
            • Stainless steel housing with IP 69K protection for food and beverage applications

              Glass and label inspection in the beverage industry

              Industrial GigE cameras

              • High resolution assures a quality control that is accurate to every detail
              • Brilliant colors for consistent print quality on labels
              • Compact design for easy machine integration
              • Standard-compliant Gigabit Ethernet interface for long-range transmissions and convenient software implementation
              • Flexible configuration for multi-camera systems