Storage applications demand absolute reliability of the sensor deployed since it has to ensure the required safety and stable ambient conditions for perishable goods. Temperature, pressure and level sensing are of special significance in monitoring the storage conditions. For many years Baumer has been providing leading businesses in the food and beverage industry with dependable sensors and measuring instruments for monitoring the storage conditions. The products comply with the prevailing standards and regulations and are available with many different process connections. To make best use of storage capacities, Baumer offers ultra-precise photoelectric sensors that detect the space available or occupied – another tribute to the ever-advancing automation to enhance efficiency.

  • Applications
    • Hydrostatic tank level measurement

      FlexBar pressure transmitter with hygienic process connections CombiConnect

      • Easy signal linearization in round bodied containers for volume calculations
      • Excellent long-term stability for reliable measuring results
      • Available with a 4 to 20 mA signal output, HART or Profibus PA interface
      • Optional display for convenient on-site control of the current tank level
      • Configurable with FlexProgrammer 9701

        Quick and dependable monitoring of storage space

        Precise and color-independent distance measurement up to 4 m with OADM 250 laser sensor

        • Reliable verification of available storage space, independent of the stored objects' color and surface
        • Improved process reliability thanks to the integrated alarm output giving a pre-warning of soiling
        • Robust metal housing with IP 67 protection for rough industrial conditions
        • Easily configurable measuring range either via teach-in button or supply cable using an easy teach-in process
        • High repeat accuracy of 10 ms for quick detection of occupied storage space
        • Temperature measurement in buffer tanks

          Pt100 temperature transmitter TE2

          • Compact stainless steel housing with M12 connector output
          • Fast response sensor tips ensure dependable and precise measuring results
          • Available with integrated, configurable temperature transmitter with 4 to 20 mA output
          • Configurable with FlexProgrammer 9701

            Pressure measurement in tank trucks

            Hygienic pressure transmitter with flush-mount membrane

            • Robust and reliable to withstand aggressive, corrosive, highly viscous and very hot or cold media
            • FDA-compliant materials and filling liquids
            • The surface of all media-wetted parts complies with the relevant standards and regulations of the food and beverage industry
            • Resistant against CIP and SIP agents