First-class solutions for extreme conditions

All over the globe, pipelines are the preferred means of transporting liquids or gases from their point of origin to the point of distribution. Explosion-proof Original Bourdon® sensors comply with the relevant standards to ensure safe processes in pipeline operation, from pipeline control and pumping on to compressor stations and delivery terminals.

Highly available and reliable systems have been developed to guarantee that the strict requirements for the transportation of liquids and gases are met to monitor the movement of different fluid compositions. Original Bourdon® Process Instruments are used for leak detection and location, temperature tracking, pump monitoring and operations improvements.

  • Portfolio
    • MPx6 - safety pressure gauge for pressure measurements

      • Safety Pattern Gauge with solid front and blowout back
      • Special materials for aggressive media and environments
        - Polypropylene or phenol housing
        - Stainless steel or Monel sensing housing
      • Over pressure protection up to 130%
      • Adjustable zero point
      • Fillable with dampening fluid or dashpot option
      • NACE conformity

      MEP5 - safety pressure gauge for pressure measurements

      • Safety pattern gauge with solid front and full blowout back
      • Wetted parts in stainless steel or Monel
      • Special compensating diaphragm ensures high accuracy
      • Available with threaded connection
      • Baffle wall blowout back to prevent personal injury of the operator 
      • S3 safety standard according to EN 837
      • NACE conformity
      • ATEX

      RP2E - pressure switch

      • Resistant to transient overpressure
      • Various process and electrical connectivity options
      • Large range of micro switches with different power ratings
      • Suitable for fitting with chemical seals
      • ATEX ll 2 G/D Ex d llC T5 or T6
    • RT2E - switch

      • Compact temperature switch
      • Good vibration resistance, measuring range: –40 … +350 °C
      • „Shaft 9.5 mm (rigid or with capillary)
      • ATEX II2 GD Ex d IIC T5 or T6

      TSF - gas filled thermometer

      • Temperature range from -200 to +800 °C
      • Accuracy class 1
      • Flexible system with fix stem or capillary tube
      • Wide range of diameters : 63, 80, 100, 160 and 250 mm
      • All stainless steel design
      • Electrical contacts available

      X910 - explosion-proof pressure transmitter

      • Measurement of vacuum, absolute or gauge pressure
      • TRANSBAR® ceramic technology
      • Zero adjustment as standard (±10 % of range)
      • Various electrical connectivity options
      • ATEX ll 2 G/D Ex d llC T5 or T6