Water treatment

Sustainable water treatment protecting the environment

Water is used in every production stage in the oil and gas industry and is essential for extraction and treatment. It is also used in large quantities for refining and the production of petrochemicals for cooling water, ballast water and steam generation. Waste and contaminated water must be treated before release to meet international standards for its discharge and to safeguard the environment. With its complete range of pressure and temperature gauges Original Bourdon® by Baumer is one of the leaders when it comes to optimum efficiency and performance in water treatment facilities.

  • Portfolio
    • MEX5 - pressure gauge

      • Suitable for corrosive atmospheres and fluids
      • Resistant to transient overpressure
      • Fully welded process connection
      • Fillable with dampening fluid
      • Conforms to EN837-1 and PED97/23/CE
      • ATEX EC II 2 GD

      RPPN - switch

      • Pressure switch for low and high pressure
      • Adjustable setpoint(s) and deadband
      • Measuring range: -50...0 mbar to 60...600 bar
      • Overpressure / Static pressure: max. 800 bar

      Technical Data - RPPN



      AMFD - pressure measuring accessory

      • 2, 3 or 5 ways
      • Up to 420 bar
      • Process temperature +200 °C
      • Full stainless steel
      • Various types available
    • MEP5-OD - Quick connection safety gauge

      • OD connection for double compression fitting
      • For corrosive gases and liquids
      • Class 1 according to EN 837-1
      • Safety version S3 according to EN 837-1
      • Option: liquid-filled for applications with pulsations or vibrations
      • Option: case material 1.4404 (316L) for aggressive atmospheres

      TBI/TBHI - bimetal temperature gauges with AGF thermowell

      • Temperature range from –70 to +600 °C
      • Class 1 accuracy up to +250 °C
      • 135 % over temperature protection
      • Every angle construction
      • Stabilized pointer for increased resistance against vibrations
      • ATEX Zone 1 certification
      • Thermowell in all variation available

      Technical Data TBI Series

      RTNY - switch

      • Compact temperature switch
      • High vibration resistance
      • Measuring ranges: -40...+350°C
      • Shaft 9.5 mm (rigid or with capillary)
      • ATEX EEX ia IIC T5 or T6

      Technical Data - direct mounting