Steel making

HeavyDuty encoders supply precise position and rotation speed feedback at converter tilting drives

Electric arc furnace, blast furnace and converter



Continuos casting

For this extremely demanding application Baumer provides the ultra-durable absolute HeavyDuty encoders

Ladle turret and cutting operation

Main drives in rolling mills

In hot and cold rolling mills, consistently high product quality calls for precise speed signals at the main drive.

Asynchronous main drives


Synchronous main drives



Rolling mills and surface treatment

Baumer offers the broadest encoder portfolio for rotation speed feedback at auxiliary and roller table drives

Auxiliary drives and roller beds



Overhead cranes

Encoders for position and speed feedback at overhead cranes.

Crane bridge drives

Tough where it´s rough - precise in performance.

In more than 60 years of steel industry experience, Baumer has been significantly contributing towards reduced down time, increased system availability and improved product quality.

In everything we do, all-encompassing and consistent quality management is at the forefront of our minds. Our broad product portfolio ranges from sophisticated sensor technology for demanding specialized steel making on to price-oriented solutions for standard steel plants.

  • Special features
      • The decisive contribution to downtime reduction
        Thanks to our industry expertise gained over many years and the close cooperation with machine and plant manufacturers, our products excel with robust mechanical designs and extreme durability and lifetime.
      • Enhanced system availability and product quality
        Baumer HeavyDuty products set benchmarks and meet the demanding requirements of the steel and metal industry.
      • Your one-stop supplier for any steel plant encoder
        Baumer is an innovative single-source partner in the steel industry
          with extensive problem-solving expertise. Baumer offers a broad portfolio of HeavyDuty products along with an unmatched range of standard industry encoders.
      • Short delivery times and prompt service by global presence
      • The key to our HeavyDuty success - outstanding engineering expertise

      1. Long-term seal against ingress of dust and liquids

      • Specialized housing sealing concept
      • Long-term stable shaft seal by Simmering, HOG 10 series with  additional labyrinth seal
      • High temperature range up to 100 °C
      • High protection class 

      2. Easy installation

      • Shaft with wrench flat for particularly easy attachment

      3. Easy integration

      • 180° turnable terminal box enables connection from both sides providing for an optimum cable outlet
      • Separate terminal box allows for pre-prepared routing regardless of later encoder installation position
      • Quick cable connection by integrated terminal connector
      • Terminal box with D-Sub can be used as standard plug (HOG 10 series)

      4. Robust design for absolute reliability throughout the entire service life

      • Solid housing made of aluminium or stainless steel
      • Extremely strong walls, more than 10 mm thick
      • Electronics protected during installation
      • Additional protective coating 

      5. High-performance output drivers for long-distance transmission 

      • HTL-P with power linedriver for signal transmission up to 350 m
      • TTL technology for transmission up to 550 m
      • Fiber-optic cable (optional accessory), up to 1500 m 

      6. Bearings on both shaft ends for maximum lifetime

      • Large ball bearings at optimum distance
      • Designed to endure extremely high shaft loads

      7. Protection against capacitive shaft currents

      • Housing inside with polyamide isolation for shaft insulation and encoder voltage protection up to 2.8 kV.
      • Alternative protection by optional hybrid bearings with ceramic ball bearings 
      • Optional motor earthing unit for shaft current discharge

      8. Einfache Integration des passenden Zubehörs

      • Vielfach positionierbares Drehmomentstützblech
    • Bearings on both shaft ends for maximum service life

      For more than 100 years one bearing at each shaft end has been a proven construction principle in electrical machinery. The interplay of two-sided bearings, robust Baumer mechanics and large ball bearings at optimum distance to compensate situation-induced shaft loads presents a performance class of its own. Baumer HeavyDuty encoders are experienced as being unparalleled durable and long-life - this combination is basis and guarantee why. In practice, this means: Ultimate reserve capacity and improved system availability by reduced maintenance effort. Even in harshest conditions. A true Baumer HeavyDuty encoder. 

      ShaftLock - for outstanding durability

      The metal wall between the two ball bearings protects the bearings against axial shocks and load. This is the patented ShaftLock concept developed by Baumer. High-end materials and high-precision mechanics ensure optimum runout properties throughout the entire lifetime.  

      MicroGen multiturn sensing for absolute HeavyDuty encoders
      • „„Energy Harvesting in PMG10 by patented multiturn technology MicroGen of latest generation
      • Energy self-sufficient thanks to integrated micro generator
      • Wear free, no gearings
      • Environment-friendly and maintenance free without battery
      HDmag - bearingless encoders by Baumer

      Magnetic sensing is insensitive to dust and condensation which is a prerequisite for dependable operation in the heavy duty industry. In addition, non-contact technology allows for large tolerances on axial and radial backlash. This will ensure excellent signal quality even at strong shocks and vibration. State-of-the-art processing makes the most of the supplied high-quality precision signals to generate high resolutions for versatile use. The HDmag family with fully encapsulated electronics is compliant to IP67 rating and hence provides reliable protection against the ingress of dust, dirt and liquids throughout the entire service life. The troubleshooter for narrow installation space.

      Excellent signal quality

      The high-performance and robust power output drivers integrated in all incremental HeavyDuty encoders ensure excellent signal quality for reliable evaluation even in transmissions with up to 550 m (TTL) respectively 350m (HTL-P) cable length. The diagram is an example of the HOG 86 HTL signal amplitude (HTL) after 300 m at 100 °C and with 100 kHz output frequency. The competitive product supplies only half the signal amplitude at inferior signal quality which may lead to evaluation problems. 

      Easy and dependable speed monitoring

      Mechanical speed switch

      • Field-proven and energy-autonomous
      • Operates on the mechanical centrifugal principle
      • User-specific switching speed set as default

      Digital speed switch

      • User-programmable switching speed
      • Integrated self-monitoring
      • Up to three programmable switching speeds
      • Integrated relay as an option
      Motor earthing units

      The durable Baumer motor earthing units dependably discharge parasitic currents and this way protect the bearings against shaft currents for maximum service life, while reducing repair cost and downtime in parallel. The price is only a fraction of the costs for a bearing exchange. Series ME12 comprises motor earthing units for shaft diameters from 20 to 42 mm.

    Company information
    • The Original from Berlin – globally unique

      Baumer Hübner, former Hübner Berlin, is the Baumer Competence Center for HeavyDuty encoders in drive technology. For nearly 60 years we have been world leader in this field, setting technology benchmarks for reliable encoders, tachogenerators and speed switches.  They play to their strengths where conventional encoders fail. Their design is tailored to the application to ensure dependable operation you can rely on - at all times. 

      In 1955, Hübner Berlin developed the first encoder for the steel industry, which was tacho generator TDP 5,6 designed for roller mills. Today, the worldwide unrivaled HeavyDuty portfolio comprises absolute, incremental and bearingless encoders meeting the demanding requirements in steel plants all over the world. The HeavyDuty Competence center in Berlin implements cutting-edge production technologies.