Precise position and rotation speed feedback in rolling mills and finishing lines

HeavyDuty encoder withstand shock, vibration, heat and dust.

In rolling mills there is a multitude of positioning tasks, for example alignment operations in side compression or shears positioning. At coil boxes, precise speed feedback is crucial for even wind and unwind of long metal sheets. The encoder PMG10 is particularly designed to endure the high load impact on loopers.

  • Portfolio
    • Series HeavyDuty PMG10

      • Absolute multiturn encoder of unparalleled durability through HeavyDuty design with two-sided bearings
      • Multiturn encoder 20/20 Bit in solid shaft design and EUR-flange B10
      • Robust, extremely precise magnetic singleturn sensing
      • Energy self-sufficient MicroGen multiturn generator of latest generation
      • Two additional incremental signals with zero pulse
      • Silmutaneous shaft loads up to 650 N radial and 450 N axial
      • Hollow shaft designs in series HMG10


      Series HeavyDuty HOG 86

      • The incremental HeavyDuty standard
      • Outstanding durability for demanding environments
      • Blind hollow shaft design up to 20 mm
      • Encoder with optical sensing
      • Up to 5000 ppr
      • Mere 70 mm installation depth


    • Series HeavyDuty HOG 10

      • Encoder with blind hollow shaft for relative position feedback at loopers
      • Incremental, optical encoder with blind hollow shaft up to 20 mm
      • Best-selling encoder in its class with unrivalled durability
      • Up to 5000 ppr for speed feedback at low rotation
      • Speed switch either programmable or mechanic

      Series MAGRES BMMV 58

      • Magnetic robust absolute encoder for position feedback in the cut to length operation
      • High shock and vibration resistance
      • 10 mm solid shaft design
      • Multiturn encoder, 12/18 Bit
      • Shock and vibration resistance until 500g/30g
      • SSI, every common fieldbus and Ethernet interface
      • Robust ShaftLock bearing construction