Clean solutions in clear water

Highly accurate and long-term stable measuring instruments – clear advantages for your drinking water

Best quality, safe supply and fair distribution: The technology in use has to do its part to ensure the high standards of our drinking water. Sensor solutions for drinking water storage and distribution have to show a high degree of precision, reliability and safety. The versatile sensor solutions by Baumer include interference-resistant and long-term stable measuring instruments that are suitable for a wide range of measuring tasks. The simple mounting of the compact measuring instruments and their freedom from maintenance will save you time and money.

  • Portfolio
    • PSMN

      • Excellent long term stability
      • Wide range of medium compatibility
      • External programming of zero point and span with Flexprogrammer 9701
      • Piezoresistive silicon sensor
      • Available with optinal ATEX approval


      • Fully welded version
      • Robust stainless steel housing
      • High overpressure resistance
      • External programming of zero point and span with FlexProgrammer 9701
      • Available with optional ATEX approval

      Technical data High Pressure

    • TED

      • Two threshold outputs
      • Totally stainless steel
      • 300° swivelling version
      • Measuring range: -1...0 to 0...250 bar


      • Standard pressure switch
      • Good resistance to vibration and overpressure
      • Measuring range: 0...1 to 0...100 bar
      • Overpressure / Static pressure: max. 200 bar

    Level and limit value detection

    • Exact measurements in the millimeter range in groundwater and drinking water storage
    • Long-term stable measurement results and optimal control of water availability through submersible pressure transmitters
    • Long lifespan due to the high corrosion resistance of the used materials
    • Simplified initial start-up and high flexibility on-site through sensor parameterization when mounted
    • Compact submersible pressure transmitters that can be mounted directly in bore-holes

    Safe pump and line pressure monitoring

    • Precise pressure monitoring and constant pressure control even with fluctuating water use
    • Safe dry run protection in water pumps
    • Maintenance-free measuring instruments to reduce operating costs