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Corrosion-resistant sensors can withstand difficult environmental conditions

The increasing demand for water in regions with low amounts of fresh water, along with the high processing cost of salt water treatment, require a sensor technology that is always setting itself new challenges. Aggressive environmental conditions require robust and corrosionresistant sensor solutions. The measurement sensors from Baumer, suitable for the fresh water production and distribution, are equipped with special metal alloys and thus guarantee an increased robustness in aggressive environmental conditions. Precise and constant pressure monitoring, accurate temperature measurement and reliable conductivity measurement guarantee a consistently high water quality all the way to the consumer.

  • Programme
    • RTNY

      • Standard temperature switch
      • Approval: ATEX EEx ia
      • Adjustable setpoint(s) and deadband
      • Measuring ranges: -40...+350°C
      • Stem 14mm (rigid or with capillary)

      Technical Data - direct mounting

      CombiLyz® AFI4

      • Wetted parts in PEEK (short version) and PEEK and stainless steel (long version)
      • Compact, food compatible, hygienic design
      • Meets 3A requirements, FDA compliant, EHEDG pending
    • PBMN Flush

      • Pressure transmitter with flush membrane
      • Excellent temperature charateristics
      • Robust stainless steel housing
      • Fully welded design

      MEX5 / MEM5

      • Nominal size: 100 mm
      • Approval: ATEX II2GDc-IM2c, Lloyd's Register, Gost
      • „For corrosive gases and liquids
      • „„Fully welded process connection

    Precise pressure control for safe processes

    • Reliable and accurate pressure control for coupled process circuits
    • „„Protection against running dry during water distribution due to flush-mounted pressure sensors in the pumps
    • Constant pressure control across long distances
    • „„Pressure shock resistance ensures a long lifespan


    For the best water quality

    • „Exact temperature control with highest measuring accuracy
    • Safe temperature monitoring during the entire evaporation process
    • „„Continuous monitoring of water quality