Detection of blade and tower stress, pressure and temperature

Improving system safety and maximising yield by reliable and fast load measurement

Tower and blades of a wind power station are permanently exposed to strong impacts. Condition monitoring by Baumer strain sensors, vision systems or AlphaProx inductive sensors is term solution for predictive maintenance cycles to maximize power production while minimising downtime.

Precise acquisition of pressure and temperature in gearing and hydraulic components

Temperature sensors reliably monitor gearbox, gear oil cooling and circulation in the nacelle at high temperature stability. The sophisticated modular architecture of the Baumer products provides ultimate flexibility to meet the customer-specific requirements. High-precision and overpressure-proof Baumer sensors monitor the condition of hydraulic components.

  • Portfolio
    • Inductive sensors AlphaProx with extended temperature range (Series IWRR)

      • Immediate reaction to any load change by short response time of < 2 ms
      • Easy and quick installation thanks to high measuring distance up to 7 mm
      • Smart product design in stainless steel housing (V4A)
      • Corrosion proof compliant to C5M

      Precise measurement of gear oil temperature (Series TE2)

      • Field-tested and durable
      • High signal output accuracy thanks to quickly responding sensor tip
      • Easy installation by DIN or M12 connector

      New vision system for high-precision blade Monitoring (Series ZHDM)

      • Precise detection of the blade bending stress for individual pitch alignment
      • Early identification of structural damage and icing
      • Unique acquisition technique, inward the blade without electrical cabling
    • Robust strain sensor on DMS basis (Series DSRT)

      • DMS technology for long-term dependable and robust blade stress measurement
      • High reproducibility
      • Integrated electronics
      • Overload protection by wind load measurement
      • Add-on sensor for CMS systems

      Measuring hydraulic pressure in extreme environments (Series PB)

      • Excellent long-term stability
      • Extremely precise output of the measured value within a wide temperature range
      • Very robust thanks to fully welded design without any seal
      • 100 mbar to 1 600 bar