Encoders for pitch and yaw systems

More than 20 years of collaboration with engineering offices, OEMs and component manufacturers have brought forth encoders with wind power-specific key attributes like sophisticated diagnostics for predictive maintenance and products with preset button for quick and easy commissioning.

Encoders for pitch control systems

Reputed vendors rely on the precise Baumer encoders for speed and position feedback at the pitch motor and on durable encoders for precise blade positioning straight at the blade’s is toothed wheel without backlash. The position information can be compared by the master control to increase the degree of diagnostic coverage and simplify implementation of the stringent safety requirements for pitch systems.

Encoders for rotary gear limit switches

Encoders with precise optical sensing are the perfect solution for accurate backlash-free position feedback at rotary limit switches with through-going shaft.

  • Portfolio
    • Position and speed feedback at pitch motors (Series GM400)

      • Absolute SSI multiturn encoder with diagnostics for preventive maintenance
      • Absolute immunity against magnetic fields by all-optical sensing
      • Precise speed control thanks to additional incremental signals with up to 2048 ppr SinCos, TTL or HTL
      • Cold climate capabilities down to –40 °C

      Position feedback at the rotary limit switch (Series GXM2S)

      • Absolute SSI multiturn encoder with hollow shaft for low-tolerance attachment to limit switches
      • Precise optical sensing
      • Cold climate design down to –40 °C
    • Position detection at the blade’s toothed wheel (Series GM401 with bearing flange)

      • Absolute SSI multiturn encoder with bearing flange for particularly high shaft load
      • Leading for 20 years ever more perfected for wind turbines
      • Reliable and robust, gearless
      • Cold climate design down to –40 °C

      Productfinder GM401

      Rotary limit switch integrated position feedback (Series BMMV 30R)

      • Absolute SSI multiturn encoder to be integrated into the limit switch
      • Robust magnetic sensing
      • Safe ShaftLock design allows for high shaft load
      • Cold climate capabilities down to –40 °C
      • Compact size 30 mm