Dependable monitoring of liquid levels, leakage, air gap and brakes

Process safety enhanced by level and leakage monitoring

Liquid level sensors are directly installed at gearbox or oil sump. Robust leakage sensors installed below the oil sump will identify even tiniest amounts of liquid.

Monitoring limit positions in hydraulic pitch systems and locking cylinders

High-pressure and temperature-proof inductive sensors will reliably identify the piston position in the locking cylinder as well as limit positions in hydraulic pitch systems.

More efficiency and safety by monitoring the air gap

The tremendous impact on the rotor blades is directly imposed on the hub and hence the drive train’s main bearing. In gearless systems, the air gap between rotating shaft and stationary nacelle may be reduced by asymmetrical load. AlphaProx inductive sensors monitor air gap tolerances at the critical points as load control.

Efficient brake maintenance by continuous, precise pad monitoring

Robust and yet precise inductive sensors monitor the brake pads and will give an early warning when they have to be exchanged. They allow for predictable maintenance cycles and help to ensure system efficiency. Inductive distance sensors with analog interface can be combined with inductive sensors to directly signal the limits.

  • Portfolio
    • Leakage monitoring optical sensor (Series FODK)

      • Early leakage identification, 1 ml liquid will suffice
      • Clever mounting clip made of PFA or PVC enables quick sensor attachment without tools
      • Integrated fail-safe behavior, e.g. for broken wire identification

      Gear oil level monitoring by capacitive sensors (Series CFAK)

      • Easy and quick installation directly in the oil sump
      • Robust design resistant to gear oils with IP67 protection
      • Different housing variants provide the ever matching solution for any installation scenario

      Inductive sensors AlphaProx with extended temperature range (Series IWRR)

      • Immediate reaction to changing loads due to short response time of < 2 ms
      • Easy and quick installation thanks to high measuring distance up to 7 mm
      • Smart product design in stainless steel (V4A)
      • Corrosion proof compliant to C5M
    • Detection of gear oil level CleverLevel switch (Series LBFS)

      • Safe operation by reproducible switching point
      • Detection of any liquid
      • Wear-free, robust design
      • Quick and easy installation

      Detection of piston position by high-pressure proof inductive sensors (Series IFRP)

      • For use under extreme conditions up to a pressure of 500 bar
      • Absolute durability by the stainless steel housing and active surface of zirconium oxide
      • Robust product design with IP68 protection, resistant against hydraulic oils