Monitoring tower vibration and shock

Less sensors
SIL2/PLd certified acceleration sensor GAM900S precisely acquires and monitors tower vibration and shocks. Redundant relay outputs are triggered as soon as the defined limit is exceeded. This 2-in-1-functionality replaces at the same time dedicated acceleration sensors for vibration measurement and mechanical limit switches. The result: Minimizing cost by fewer components and less effort in cabling and logistics.

More safety
According to the EC type-examination of the TÜV Rheinland (German Technical Inspection Agency), the monitoring functionality of the GAM900S is fully compliant to safety integrity level SIL2 and PLd, respectively. This will simplify implementation of the safety function “protection against excessive vibration and shocks” while speeding up safety certification of the installation.

  • Portfolio
    • Vibration and shock precisely detected and safely monitored (Series GAM900S)

      • Safe detection of vibration and shocks by diverse redundant MEMS sensors
      • Safe embedded software with signal processing compliant to IEC 61508-3
      • Safe switching output by redundantly implemented relays
      • Offshore-capable
      • Individually configurable filters enhance precision while eliminating errors


    • Precise detection of acceleration (Series GAM900)

      • Second GAM900 sensor to acquire nacelle torsion in the system control
      • 6 user-configurable frequency bands with versatile filter options
      • Convenient configuration using PC software GAM900 Configurator or via CANopen