Field-tested offshore solutions

The Baumer industry leading experience in the development of durable encoders for offshore applications has built over decades. Long before first offshore wind parks went onto the grid, Baumer HeavyDuty encoders had been proving their reliability time and time again at gantry cranes in most important ports worldwide. Since then, we have continuously expanded our portfolio of corrosion-proof encoders, thoroughly tested by exposure to salt spray and condensing humidity for use in C5M environments. Today, leading manufacturers of offshore wind parks rely on the durability of our dependable offshore encoders.

Our inductive sensors feature the specifically developed impermeability concept proTect+. To comply with the requirements of corrosion category C5M, they underwent extensive salt spray and humidity testing. Incorporating high-end materials like stainless steel and Teflon as well as high IP 69K protection ensure outstanding resistance in aggressive environments.

  • Portfolio
    • Offshore absolute encoder (Series GM400-C)

      • SSI interface
      • Wear-free, non-contact multiturn sensing
      • Dependable and robust without gears
      • Reliable ShaftLock design allows for high shaft loads
      • High-end, optimized materials
      • Capable of corrosive environments of the C5M category

      Bearingless design for large shafts to Ø 740 mm (Series HDmag)

      • Det Norske Veritas (DNV) MHGE certification
      • Durable and wear-free thanks to non-contact sensing
      • Operational safety by wide air gap
      • Space-saving design with shallow installation depth
      • Easy and flexible in installation

      Robust inductive sensors for position and speed feedback (Series IFRR)

      • Robust and absolutely reliable, MTTF > 100 years
      • proTect+, impermeability tested and approved even at frequent temperature fluctuations
      • Easy, quick and flexible mounting capabilities thanks to high switching distance up to 12 mm
      • Capable of corrosive environments of the C5M category
    • Offshore incremental encoder (Series GI355-C)

      • „„Up to 6 000 ppr with HTL or TTL interface
      • „„Reliable ShaftLock design allows for high shaft loads
      • „„High-end, optimized materials
      • Capable of corrosive environments of the C5M category

      Offshore encoder, field-proven more than 10 years (Series HOG 131)

      • Housing with specific surface protection and special seals
      • Integrated lightning protection
      • Installation flexibility by terminal box swiveling within 180°
      • Extremely durable by hybrid bearings as protection against shaft current
    • Essential, but not visible

      Offshore capabilities of a sensor are not visible from the outside. The difference is revealed in tests: Baumer offshore encoders have proved corrosion-resistant in many tests, for example after exposure to salt spray according to IEC 60068-2-52, followed by mechanical resistance and functional tests. They are perfectly suited for longterm operation in most aggressive environments of the C5M category.

      Non-corrosion proof encoder
      Corrosion-proof encoder