Speed and position feedback at the slip ring

Maximising yield and availability

Thanks to high-performance signal processing based on FPGA, absolute encoder GBASW provides also a high-precision speed signal besides the absolute position information. Complex algorithms and high-order filters suppress respectively compensate speed signal errors caused by vibration. This way they allow for more rigid pitch regulation and operation closer to the rated speed. At the same time, system availability is improved, since speed measurement without such high-performance may cause a faulty activation of the safety chain due to “excessive rotor speed”.

  • Portfolio
    • Absolute encoder with digital, high-resolution speed information (Series GBASW)

      • Absolute position SSI
      • High-resolution speed signal via SSI
      • With additonal incremental signals HTL

      SIL2 certified encoder with rectangular signals (Series GI357)

      • SIL2 certified speed detection by incremental signals HTL or TTL
      • Up to 5 000 ppr
      • Reliable ShaftLock design allows for high shaft loads
    • SIL2/PLd certified encoder with sine signals (Series ITD22H0 SIL)

      • „„SIL2/PLd certified speed detection by incremental signals SinCos
      • „„Up to 2 048 sine periods per turn
      • „„Space-saving design due to through-hollow shaft and tangential cable outlet

      Absolute encoder with SSI and incremental signals (Series GA240)

      • Efficient speed and position feedback
      • SSI interface and additional incremental signals (SinCos, TTL or HTL)
      • Reliable ShaftLock design allows for high shaft loads
    Rotor speed monitored safely
    • Precise rotor speed monitored simply and safely

      A PLd certified encoder combined with a suitable speed monitor will simplify the safety assessment of an installation, and thus the implementation of the safety function “protection against excessive rotor speed”. Safe and certified components cut down overall costs, since redundant sensors and more elaborate cable routing effort are eliminated.

      PLd certified encoders                              -                         Speed monitor