Precise speed feedback at the generator shaft

As a result of more than 20 years of experience in wind power, Baumer encoders will meet any of the ever-increasing demands of this industry. We have continuously perfected our HeavyDuty encoders in close collaboration with generator manufacturers. Extremely robust, the encoders are designed to endure the maximum expected 25 year service life of a wind turbine.

All encoder functionalities come under the integrated function monitoring EMS (Enhanced Monitoring System) which is also an installation aid to signal correct encoder wiring and proper interface activity. Robust, insulated bearings or extremely durable hybrid bearings prevent the bearing from damage by induced shaft currents. The lightning discharge path between shaft and housing avoids electrostatic charge and lightning damage.

  • Portfolio
    • The leading encoder for generators (Series HOG 86)

      • Extremely durable and robust in harsh environments
      • Up to 5 000 ppr
      • Top signal quality up to 500 m transmission length (TTL)
      • Quick commissioning and reduced downtime by integrated EMS function monitoring

      Uncompromising durability (Series HDmag)

      • Wear-free by non-contact sensing
      • Incremental or absolute
      • Reliable operation due to wide air gap
      • Space-saving design
      • Easy installation
    • Redundant HeavyDuty encoder (Series HOG 86 M)

      • Redundant acquisition of position and speed
      • Two sensing systems with galvanic isolation
      • Independent signal outputs
      • Flexible mounting capabilities by two swivel terminal boxes
      • Optional with double integrated function monitoring EMS
      • Separate signal evaluation for better error identification

      Standard encoder with hybrid bearings (Series OptoPulse EIL580)

      • Hybrid bearings for extended service life and improved resistance to shaft currents
      • Resolution max. 5 000 ppr
      • Blind or through hollow shaft up to 15 mm