Precise speed feedback at the rotor shaft

World innovation HDmag flex is the optimal solution for large shafts since speed and position are directly acquired at the shaft. The signals by HDmag flex are the basis for speed and position monitoring as well as rotor shaft positioning. At a 1000 mm shaft, the exact position information is supplied with an accuracy of ± 0.02°.

Integrated real-time signal processing supplies the selected position and speed resolution at all times, at any shaft diameter, regardless lock gap and operating tolerances. The bearingless encoder with non-contact sensing is virtually free from wear.

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    • Your encoder application all wrapped up (Series HDmag flex)

      • Shaft Ø 3 000 mm and more
      • Durable and wear-free
      • Incremental or quasi-absolute
      • Easy transport
      • Easy installation, no available shaft end required
      • Ultimately high resolution and precision for slowly turning shafts




      Productfinder incremental

    • Robust inductive sensors for speed detection (Series IFRR)

      • Robust and absolutely reliable, MTTF > 100 years
      • proTect+, impermeability tested and approved even at frequent temperature fluctuations
      • Easy, quick and flexible mounting capabilities thanks to high switching distance up to 12 mm