"Moving heavy loads safely"

Baumer heavy-duty technology sets standards

Exact loading or positioning of goods and loads weighing several tons – with its wide variety of robust and reliable sensors, Baumer is the perfect partner for all kinds of applications in cranes and lifting equipment.

Baumer cable-pull encoders determine the position of the support and the boom extension. Sensors check the boom, provide protection against overloads and monitor hydraulic pressure. Encoders measures the rotational speed of the rope drums. Speed switches monitor them and shut them down in case of an emergency. So everything arrives safely where it belongs.

In the field of drive sensors for gantry cranes in harbors, overhead cranes in production lines and steel mills, Baumer Hübner, formerly Hübner Berlin, has set standards with encoders, speed switches, tachogenerators and combinations in heavy-duty technology as a global market leader for decades.

  • Application examples
    • Rotational speed measurement and overspeed detection
      HOG 10 heavy-duty encoder, DSL speed switch, Combined encoder with HOG 10 + DSL speed switches
    • Cable drum and spreader position feedback
      HOG 86 heavy-duty encoder, AMG 11 absolute encoder, MAGRES BMMV 58
    • Load and overload measurement, anti-tilt protection
      DSRT strain link, DLRx load pin, DLRx load cell, GNAMG inclination,
    • Slew ring position and rotary angle measurement
      MHRM Hall sensors, MAGRES BMMH
    Important standards
    • Baumer sensors comply with the machinery directive, and have protection class IP67, SIL and/or PL certification.
    • Baumer offers the SAE J1939 interface for many devices
      to ensure flexibility during installation.