Fire trucks

  • Applications
    • Rotation angle acquisition Boom/ladder - Angle detection straight at large shafts

      • Wear-free by non-contact sensing technique
      • Large hollow shaft diameters
      • Incremental or absolute output
      • Top-grade robustness and precision
      • Operational safety thanks to wide air gap
      • Easy and flexible installation

      Dry running hydraulics protection - Versatile and oil-resistant

      • Programmable switching sensitivity
      • Short response time
      • Maintenance-free
      • Extended temperature range from -40 to +115 °C

      Lock control at equipment compartments - Durable, with utmost switching precision

      • Robust and absolutely reliable – MTTF > 100 years
      • Very high switching and repeat accuracy
      • Convenient and quick installation thanks to extended switching distance up to 20 mm
      • Cylindrical and rectangular designs to perfectly match the prevailing installation conditions
    • Water gun positioning - Ultra precise, with fieldbus interface

      • CANopen interface
      • Optical sensing principle for utmost precision
      • LED status indicator as diagnostic functionality
      • Optionally temperature-resistant down to -40 °C

      Monitoring and regulation of the hydraulic systems, water pressure monitoring - Absolute reliability and precision

      • Utmost precision and availability
      • IP 68 configurations
      • Damping element against pressure peaks

      Collision monitoring at the working cage/boom - Rapid and safe

      • Immediate collision warning thanks to short response time of < 20 ms
      • Dependable object detection also under harsh conditions such as extreme soiling or fog
      • Two separate outputs for transmission of warning and stop signal
      • Long-range sensing up to 2 m
      • Impact-resistant