Gantry cranes

  • Applications
    • Motor feedback - High degree of availability and long-term durability

      • HeavyDuty design
      • Function monitoring system EMS (Enhanced Monitoring System)
      • Cable length up to 500 m
      • Terminal box
      • Hybrid bearings for enhanced protection against inductive shaft currents

      Motor feedback and overspeed monitoring - Robust and dependable

      • HeavyDuty design
      • Combination of encoder with either electronic (DSL) or mechanical (FSL) speed switch attached to the shaft
      • Dependable overspeed detection
      • Tripped at either programmed (DSL) or permanent speed (FSL)

      Load and overload measurement - Reproducible and precise

      • Extremely versatile by extended temperature range -40 to +85 °C
      • Cost-efficient and reliable thanks to fieldbus interface
      • Robust design with IP 67 protection
      • Quick and easy commissioning due to default calibration
      • Interference-immune, integrated electronics
    • Position feedback at cable drum - Absolute and dependable detection

      • HeavyDuty design
      • SSI, Profibus, CANopen, DeviceNet
      • Multiturn sensing with microGen technique – no gears, no battery
      • Available with redundant absolute signals
      • Specific corrosion protection

      Position feedback spreader - Absolute position detection with high protection ratings

      • Ultra-durable, patented magnetic sensing technique
      • SSI-, CANopen and many more fieldbus interfaces
      • IP 67 protection and optionally temperature-resistant down to -40 °C
      • Redundant versions for max. safety