Industrial trucks

  • Applications
    • Position feedback of steering wheel - Compact housing and top-grade precision

      • Wear-free acquisition of the rotation angle with maximum resolution 0.09°
      • Very compact, e.g. rectangular-shaped with only 8 mm installation depth
      • Unaffected by dirt and humidity
      • Sensing range through a 360° angle, no dead zones
      • Impact-resistant

      Position detection at brake and accelerator pedal - Extremely robust and reliable

      • Robust designs in V4A stainless steel housing
      • Very short response time < 2 ms for rapid position detection
      • proTect+ –impermeability concept
      • IP 69K protection and shock-tested
      • Versatile application options thanks to extendend temperature range -40 °C to +70 °C

      Load measurement and overload protection - Versatile and cost-efficient

      • Versatile application options by extended temperature range -40 to +85°C
      • Cost-efficient and safe thanks to fieldbus interfaces
      • Robust design with IP 67 protection
      • Quick and easy commissioning due to default calibration
      • Interference-immune, integrated electronics
    • Pallet position feedback - Rapid and safe

      • Immediate collision warning thanks to short response time < 10 ms
      • Dependable detection of wooden pallets and other objects also under adverse conditions
      • Impact-resistant
      • Long-range sensing up to 2,5 m
      • Cylindrical and rectangular designs to perfectly match the prevailing installation conditions

      Monitoring and regulation of hydraulics - Absolute reliability and precision

      • CANopen or analog output
      • Outstanding robustness and resistance against shocks and vibrations
      • IP 68 variants

      Wheel angle acquisition - Compact design

      • Compact 42 mm housing
      • Ultra-robust, patented magnetic sensing technique
      • CANopen interface
      • IP 67 protection and optional emperature-resistant down to -40 °C