Drive system and undercarriage

The Baumer portfolio provides the optimal and reliable solution for any application of speed measurement at undercarriage bogies, for train position feedback as well as for precise and long-term stable  pressure measurements across long distances.  

Thanks to many years' expertise, the Baumer sensors meet all control and safety requirements by their rugged housings, proven sealing concepts and  optimally matching sensor technology. 

  • Applications
    • Multi-channel axle encoder for speed measurement (BPIV, BMIV)

      • „„Ultra-robust and proven design with reliable magnetic measuring principle
      • „„Standard interface for fast and secure assembly
      • „„Up to 4 independent, galvanically isolated A90°B signals
      • „„One axle encoder for multiple sub-systems
      • „„Conforms to EN 50128 / EN 50129, SIL2

      High performance bearingless axle encoder (BPIK)

      • „„Dynamic, precise speed measurement at all speeds
      • „„Robust magnetic measuring principle
      • „„Fast, reliable torsional vibration detection
      • „„Up to 2 independent, galvanically isolated A90°B signals
      • „„Minimum wear and LCC
      • „„Integrated temperature sensor
      • „„Conforms to EN 50128 / EN 50129, SIL2

      Detection of direction reversals in the control cylinder (IFRR)

      • V4A stainless steel housing with IP 69K protection
      • Reliable thanks to high shock and vibration resistance (DIN EN 61373, cat. 3)
      • Unique impermeability concept proTect+
      • High switching distance of up to 12 mm

      Monitoring of hydraulic parking brakes (MEX3)

      • „„Accuracy class 1.6
      • „„High pressure system
      • „„Robust and anti-vandalism design
      • „„Valve at rear side to facilitate refilling of hydraulic circuit
    • Speed detection of gears (MTR, MTRM)

      • „„Non-contact detection with up to 20,000 pulses/sec
      • „„Wide temperature range –40 °C … +120 °C
      • „„Standard mechanical and electrical interface
      • „„Superb EMC immunity thanks to patented screening concept
      • „„Very high insulation resistance up to 2.5 kV
      • „„Innovative cable outlet with IP69K and high strain relief

      Sensor for cold movement detection (BCMD)

      • „„Detects cold movement of a rail vehicle
      • „„For use in CBTC and ERTMS/ETCS baseline 3
      • „„Conforms to EN 50129, SIL4 in combination with EVC
      • „„Avoids time consuming and costly position referencing procedures
      • „„Allows increase of track capacity

      Pressure detection for brake and retarder regulation (EF6, PBMR)

      • „„High accuracy over a wide temperature range (–50 °C … +85 °C)
      • „„Conforms to EN 50155
      • „„Designed for harsh environments
      • „„High EMC immunity
      • „„Maintenance free

      Technical Data EF6